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Monday, December 12, 2016

NY One Limb Per Life Update

One of the battles the limb loss community fought in the past few years was centered in New York state. With the passing and implementation of the Affordable Care Act, amputees in New York who were reliant upon the exchange for medical insurance were dumbfounded to discover that policies were limited to one prosthetic device per limb per lifetime. As archaic as it appears, amputees were being systematically denied replacement prosthetic devices because of this unrealistic lifetime cap.  ;

Using the momentum from the successful LCD repeal, the community set its sights on the state of New York. Petitions were started and heavy lobbying began in DC and in Albany.  After the dedicated efforts of a handful of individuals, the insurance commission announced that all policies going forward would include provisions for repair and replacement of prosthetic devices. While it wasn't a complete victory, this band-aid compromise provided a satisfactory compromise for the limb loss community.  ;

It has been nearly a year since the "repair and replacement" provision was set to be enacted. Where does the One Limb Per Lifetime movement stand now?  In this episode of Amp'd, Dave and I reviewed the history of the New York insurance exchange and examined the state of prosthetic care for residents in New York.

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