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Monday, January 23, 2017


Saturday can be summed up in two words: absolutely amazing. I am fortunate to have been able to share the incredible experience with my Mom, her two friends and my best friend Tammy. I was excited and honored that they all drove several hours to lend support and to try to raise awareness for prosthetic access. I was reminded that I have an incredible support system!

The day started out worrisome as we discovered that all the roads were closed that provided access to the parking garage with our reserved spot. As we were driving around DC, my anxiety was rising as it became clear that we were going to have to find another parking spot if we were going to make the event. With hundreds of thousands of protestors converging in the city, I was doubtful that we were going to find anything. Then, as if by a miracle, Tammy saw one lone handicapped parking spot in a lot located only a few blocks from the march. I felt an indescribable sense of relief pulling into the spot and turning off the ignition!

My Mom's friend (Ruth) is nearly 90 and opted to use my wheelchair because of the distances involved. She was eager to lend her support behind the cause and excited to participate in her first formal protest. As we were making our way to through the crowds, it became clear that she was receiving a lot of attention sitting in the wheelchair wearing a bright pink "pussy hat." We began to joke about slogans that we should write on the back of her sign to bring even more attention to our group. Initially we were joking, but she quickly asked us to turn a sign around and to start writing.

Tammy, being a graphic designer, quickly sketched out her new sign. Within five minutes we had created her official protest sign, and my goodness it certainly garnered a lot of attention. She spent the afternoon posing for photos, talking with fellow protestors and accepting well wishes and smiles. Each time a photo was snapped we were standing in the background, holding the original sign in the frame. Because of Ruth's feisty nature and jovial perspective, we were able to further the reach of our original cause.

The crowd was enormous, and the causes were as diverse as the marchers. It was amazing to be part of such a powerful movement. To think that over 500,000 people were able to converge and peacefully protest without one single arrest is a remarkable feat, especially because of the recent riots and seemingly pervasive violence. It was refreshing to witness disagreements without violence ensuing! 

I left the march exhausted but with an overwhelming sense of optimism and empowerment. I know that the fight for insurance fairness is just beginning, but I am not in this battle alone. This issue, like so many that were represented on Saturday, should be bipartisan. I know that I have the strength and the supports necessary to fight this until every amputee who has the desire and the ability to use a prosthetic can access one. 

Sharing the experience with my friend, my Mom and two other amazing women made it even more special. I will always remember January 21st fondly. Now let's keep fighting!

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