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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Testing Day!

Tonight is a big night in our home. After months of hard work and practice, Robby will test for his high yellow belt in Taekwondo. He has been nervous for weeks, begging us to take him to classes every night so that he can practice and get prepared. I know that he is ready, but I'm also a tinge happy that he is nervous. Being nervous shows that he cares and that the belt will have meaning when it is bestowed. 

Every night for the past two and a half weeks Robby has been in the dojo, taking classes and practicing all of his skills and forms. Scott and I alternate nights chauffeuring him to and from the studio. At this point I think we'll be nearly as relieved as Robby when the test is over, although I'm sure our reasons are different. We haven't had a quiet night at home without something to do in a long time!

I know that Robby struggles more than his peers with physical activities. Because of his hearing issues, his balance has always been a little askew. Sometimes he reminds me of a wobbly puppy trying to keep up with the herd. Thankfully, what he lacks in natural talent he makes up for with grit and determination. I have never seen another child work so hard to master physical skills. He may not be physically gifted, but his perseverance will serve him better and longer throughout his life.

He has put in the practice and studied his handbook. I know that he is ready for the test.  By this time tomorrow, we should have a high yellow belt in the family.  Please wish him luck!

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