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Friday, March 10, 2017

My Views

I think this weekend we are going to embark on a family-wide news hiatus. For the sake of my mental health, I need to disconnect for awhile. Each news report feels more heartbreaking than the latter, and I find myself spiraling deeper into frustration by the moment.

A few days ago Scott found out that the father of a student is being deported. Obviously, he was living here illegally. But this "illegal" individual is also an employee, a husband, a father, a church member, and a community volunteer. He has committed no crimes except for the minor traffic violation that caused him to be pulled over by police. This family is being torn apart, and children are being left without a father.

I understand the stance against illegal immigration is strong. Knowing the faces, the stories and the hearts behind the "offenders," the deportation issue becomes more complicated. This is an issue involving people, not just citizenship. I avoid discussing and debating these issues because I respect the views of others enough to realize that my perspective will not cause an epiphany to change their hearts. But since this is my blog, I feel that it is okay to reveal that my heart is being torn apart.  I certainly know enough to realize that I don't have a solution to the situation, but not knowing how to resolve an issue doesn't absolve me from feeling empathy for those involved.

The weather is supposed to be miserable, which provides the perfect excuse to curl up in front of the wood stove and hibernate for awhile.  Timmy will be delighted to stream cartoons all day, and I'm sure I can convince Robby to watch movies with me at night. I'm looking forward to my no news weekend!

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