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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

High School Reunion (abbreviated)

Last night I had the opportunity to reunite with a childhood friend.  Vince and I met in Nursery School and he was a fixture in my school life through elementary, middle and high school. It's odd to reflect and realize that I saw him every school day through my formative years. What is stranger is the reality that I haven't seen him since our high school graduation 25 years ago.  On a side note, how did 25 years pass since I was in high school?  Yikes!

Vince and I did what most middle-aged high school friends end up doing when they are reunited- we hit the bar and went out to eat. It turns out that relaxing with an old friend, catching up and reminiscing was just what I needed. My stress level evaporated as we chatted and I credit him as much as the cocktails. 

It's amazing how lives can take such drastic turns, but childhood memories keep those formative bonds lit. It was fun thinking back and recalling our elementary school memories. My goodness it feels like I grew up in a different world!

After my brief escape from adulthood, today I'm returning to the office for another day of meetings. Timmy has settled down for my Mom, which has been a huge relief. Hopefully the trend will continue today and he will be charming and happy until I return tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

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