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Monday, January 11, 2021

Car Picnic

 Although we didn't do anything terribly exciting over the weekend, the few days of disconnection was exactly what I needed to reset. The news continues to be terrible and I think I have reached my threshold. I am going to continue my news fast through the week. Should something monumental happen, I'm sure Scott will let me know.

Saturday Timmy and I spent the majority of the afternoon playing outside. We recovered our Christmas tree and set it up in his new wood "fort." I'm sure it looks a little wonky to our neighbors, but he is absolutely delighted. After nearly a year of being stuck at home, I will take any delight as a victory.

On Sunday I needed to meet my Mom to pick up a box from Christmas. We met at our typical halfway point, and to our surprise she had my niece with her. Because of Covid, we couldn't really hang out. Instead, we had a car picnic in the parking lot of McDonald's. It was great seeing her, even though it was brief. Timmy was over-the-moon having a car picnic with his Nana and Tiffany. (He cried as we drove away, sad that he isn't yet able to go to her house.)

Today we are back to work and back to reality. The weather is going to be gorgeous, so I'm sure we will spend a few more hours readying the wood fort.  Have a great day!

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