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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Circle Time Adventures

Circle Time, which was previously a battle with Timmy, has become a favorite part of his weekly schedule. He enjoys connecting with his classmates and his teacher. Each week has a different theme which the teacher interweaves with reading, math and basic calendar skills. Although it is not in a traditional brick and mortar classroom, it is definitely an authentic school experience.  

In order to help debunk technical issues that may occur during the live streaming class, I continue to stay close during class. With the exception of crafts, Timmy no longer needs my assistance during the activities. Being able to sit next to him and work on my own computer has been wonderful.

Yesterday, his teacher led the class on reading a new book about bears. Each student took a page to read aloud. I was delighted when I heard Timmy read his page smoothly. His teacher was also proud of his improvement in reading and offered praise,  "Timmy, you did a great job reading.  Good girl!"  

Quick to correct his teacher, Timmy piped up. "You called me a girl. I'm a boy. You forgot that I have a very fine penis." 

I can't be certain, but I'm fairly certain I heard his teacher's husband spit his coffee across their table as Timmy spoke. I then saw him walking away, laughing hysterically. Without missing a beat, his teacher apologized for calling him and girl and quickly moved to the next activity.

I have to hand it to his teacher, she transitions like a pro. Timmy is definitely giving her a run for her money!



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