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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Twelve Days of Christmas

Our holiday season has been hijacked by a withholding toddler. Robby has become fearful of pooping, and apparently has decided he will never do it again. To date, nothing has been successful in reversing his decision. He is nothing if not stubborn.

All of our family conversations lately have revolved around poop. Scott no longer asks how I am doing, instead he immediately begins discussing Robby's lack of bowel movements. I have become frustrated with the limited range of topics in our family.

As I was lathering up Robby's red bottom with more Desitin and Vaseline I began to hum the Christmas songs. The humming began as my way of blocking out his screaming, which is more out of habit than pain at this point.

By the time I had his bum lathered I had rewritten the first few lines to the Twelve Days of Christmas. I suppose this song is a reflection of how my holiday season is progressing. It made me smile to write it out, and I think that many Mommies will be able to relate.

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas my Family Gave to Me:

Twelve days of poop talk,

eleven cartoons playing,

ten toddler tantrums,

nine dozen cookies,

eight dirty diapers,

seven loads of laundry, six stumps a-hurtin',

Five sleepless nights,

Four bags of trash,

three cookie men,

two pinch cut sores

and some Desitin mixed with Vaseline.

I have never liked that song.

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