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Monday, December 14, 2009

Thoughts on Rudolph

Of all of the classic Christmas cartoons, I would have to say that Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is his favorite. We have the show on DVD and recorded on the DVR. If Robby knew how to operate the remote controls, I am certain that Rudolph would be playing on a continual loop in our home.

I have always found Rudolph to be an adorable Christmas symbol. The story is charming and always makes me smile. I have Rudolph ornaments that we hang from the chandelier every year. Robby and I have matching Rudolph shirts, and yes, the noses actually blink. My car is easy to locate in the crowded mall parking lot: it is the only SUV with antlers sticking up from the windows and a red nose on the grill!

That being said, I have always had issues with the cartoon classic. Even as a child I was haunted by some of the discrepancies brought to light in the show. I must have been an analytical child!

My main issue with the cartoon was Santa's behavior towards Rudolph. Santa, who is supposed to be loving and nice, was downright rude to Rudolph simply because he was different. Even as a youngster I knew that Santa was wrong, and part of me wondered if he disliked disabled children as well. I also knew from a very young age that, had I been Rudolph, I would have told Santa to grab a flashlight and pull his own sleigh! After all, Santa only "accepted" the nasally challenged deer when he needed something. Rudolph was being used.

I never completely "bought" the notion of the island of misfit toys. If Santa knew when I was being good or brushing my teeth, how did he not know that these toys existed? I assumed he went to rescue the toys because he was guilted into acting by Rudolph. I was also fairly certain that the toys were going to be distributed to "economically disadvantaged" children.

I could accept that the other reindeer were mean to Rudolph. I had certainly witnessed enough playground teasing to know that kids were cruel. I never understood how Rudolph's father could be so unaccepting of his son. Daddies are supposed to protect their children. Donner was ashamed of his son and was mean to him. It was just wrong.

Robby and I have watched Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer at least 25 times this year. I have had a lot of opportunities to analyze and dissect the cartoon. I suppose that being "politically correct" did not exist when the cartoon was created.

My issues aside, I like Rudolph. I wouldn't miss watching the cartoon every Christmas season. He makes me smile, and I am glad that he agreed to pull the sleigh for Santa. He is a better deer than me!

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