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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Sheriff is Back...

I came home from my Chicago trip on Saturday night. Unfortunately I have been going nonstop since I arrived home. The rest and rejuvenation, which I reaped on the trip, has been evaporating.

Robby was clingy when I came home. Actually, clingy is not an apt description. I've had to sleep on the pull-out sofa in his bedroom the fast few nights because of his insecurities. In the middle of the night I feel his little hand on the top of my head. I ask him what he wants and he simply replies, "just checking." I haven't used the bathroom without a three year old chaperone since I came home!

I have been cleaning all day, and I feel as if I'm not making a dent. My washing machine has been humming all morning, yet baskets of dirty clothes are still staring at me. Although I was not on a vacation, I did enjoy my time away from home. Unfortunately, I am now paying the price for my leisurely breakfasts in bed!

I have finally gotten the playroom/ bedroom area under control. I asked Robby Rotten for assistance in cleaning up his toys, gleefully singing, "It's time to put the toys away." Apparently unmotivated, he refused. I put the toys into the suitcase that I used to go to Chicago. His treasures are all under lock and key, and he must behave to earn them back. I am amazed that I can finally see the color of my carpet, albeit stained with Playdoh and various snacks.

The toys being locked up isn't the only shock to Robby's little world. Time away afforded me the opportunity to reflect. I have concluded that Robby is teetering on the line of becoming a brat. He is no longer running the show. I am!

When Robby was experiencing "poop" issues, Scott and I became concerned about his caloric intake. He simply wasn't eating, and he was losing weight. We were happy when he expressed an interest in eating, regardless of the time or location. This lax attitude has enabled Robby to become a "grazer." He has been refusing to eat during mealtime, preferring small snacks throughout the day. His bowel issues are now under control. It is time to reign in the grazer!

I fully expect an epic battle during the next few days. Robby has already been disagreeing with many of the new "old" rules that I am enforcing. Much to his chagrin, I am going to win. I have a large bottle of Tylenol and an iPod with great headphones. His screaming and fussing is no longer an issue.

In addition to being a "mean mean Momom," I have been trying to restore order. Robby has been glued to my hip as I have been cleaning up after the hurricane which obviously passed through my house in my absence. He is now eager to help and been reminding me that he is a "good helper." I accept his assistance but I recognize the ploy. He is trying to ingratiate himself to me in an attempt to earn back his toys and the coveted cookie dough. Yes, he is a smart little boy. At least for the time being, I am still smarter. At least I hope so.

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