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Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Fun

Our house was in full celebratory mode this weekend. Scott's last day of school is today, meaning that he will be home for summer vacation. As if having his Daddy home everyday isn't exciting enough, Robby was in full Father's Day preparation. He loves nothing more than a party or any occasion that necessitates a cake!

It feels like time has just flown by during the past few weeks. If it weren't for the non-stop Hallmark commercials I wouldn't believe that Father's Day was Sunday. Thank goodness the advertisers wouldn't let me forget!

I took Robby shopping a few weeks ago where he found a kite that he thought would be perfect for his Daddy. I agreed and we bought it with the understanding that it was to remain a secret until Father's Day. I was impressed with how Robby kept his vow of silence on the subject.

Correction- I was impressed until Saturday afternoon. Scott and I were talking about Father's Day, in particular what he wanted for dinner. Robby chimed in, "I cannot wait to give you the special blue and yellow kite that we bought you for Father's Day. Daddy, you are going to love your kite surprise." So much for a surprise! We went ahead and gave Scott the kite when we got home.

Sunday morning Robby and I woke up and made Scott breakfast in bed. (We ran out of regular bread so we substituted Goldfish shaped bread for toast.) Robby was so proud carrying the plate of quasi-warm eggs and fish shaped toast to his Daddy! The two boys cuddled in bed and watched Scooby-Doo for the remainder of the morning.

Robby had a wonderful time showering his Daddy with hugs, I-love-you's and Happy Father's Day wishes all day. In the afternoon he helped me bake a cake. After spreading the batter in the pan, Robby asked me if we could bake two more cakes. He explained that he wanted to make one for Mr. Bill because "it makes him smile" and one for Mr. John (our other neighbor) because his daughter is "very far away." (She is currently deployed and serving in Afghanistan.)

I was proud of my little guy's thoughtful idea. My kitchen became a disaster area covered with flour and sugar, but it was worth it. Robby looked adorable as he proudly presented the cakes to the two men. Hopefully the gesture made their Father's Day away from their children a little happier!

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