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Friday, June 24, 2011

Too Tired for Words

I vow that this will be the last time I put off any "small" details before a trip. Yesterday morning it should have been quick and easy for us to pack the car and leave for Ohio. After all, I spent all day Wednesday getting prepared. Apparently I didn't finish as much as I thought. I spent nearly five hours finishing up small chores before we even started to load the car!

We didn't get on the road until noon, an hour later than projected. Of course, I also had planned on a laid back and relaxing morning, but that certainly didn't happen. I should known better than to plan on anything being easy or relaxing when it involves getting ready for a trip.

My two boys, ages 5 and 45, completely wore me out on our drive. Robby was a seemingly never ending pit of "I want" while Scott was grumpy, tired and irritable with other drivers. I spent much of the trip trying to keep everybody entertained. I am fairly confident that Larry the Cucumber's voice from VeggieTales is seared into my psyche and that I will be hearing him in my dreams for weeks to come. We drove only four hours (half way to Ohio) but by the time we pulled into our hotel, I was drained.

This was not the blog that I intended to write. There has been a long thread concerning grieving the loss of a limb on the Facebook fan page, and I thought it would be a great topic to revisit. Since my ampu-versary is next week, I have been reflecting a lot on my limb loss journey. I had planned on writing about this topic for today, but to be honest I'm exhausted and I can't seem to find the words to express myself. Rest assured, I'm sure to find my writing voice over the weekend.

Wish me luck for the second leg of our trip. I have a feeling I'm going to need it!

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