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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lightening Bug Magic

Yesterday was the official start of summer. Of course, I didn't need to look at the calendar to let me know this- I only needed to look outside. The magic of the summer evening has returned.

I had nearly given up, worried that the bug barrier we sprayed in our yard in the spring killed them. I have to admit that I was nearly as happy as Robby when I looked outside and saw that the neighborhood was filled with lightening bugs.

Robby, unconcerned by the fact that he was wearing his pajamas, frantically put his shoes on so that we could go on a "bug hunt." I slipped on a pair of shorts that were on the floor, grabbed the bug box and went after him to join the hunt.

Robby and I must have been quite the spectacle running around the yard chasing bugs. I was wearing my pink Winnie the Pooh nightgown with what turned out to be Scott's shorts underneath. My shoes didn't match because I put on the wrong leg in my rush to get outside. (That certainly isn't an excuse most people can use!) Robby was running around the yard with his shoes on his wrong feet wearing a Spongebob pajama top and pirate pants.

We had a great time catching lightening bugs, and Robby's bug catching ability has certainly improved over the winter. He thinks that we caught "one million and eighty one" bugs. I estimate the number closer to thirty. In any case, I had a great time running around the yard with him in our mis-matched clothes and shoes trying to catch the little glowing bugs. His giggling filled up the neighborhood!

On the way back into the house, Robby told me that he wanted to be a lightening bug. I agreed, telling him that it would be fun to fly around the yard and twinkle. My fellow bug hunter stopped in his tracks and he became serious. "Momom, you would not be a good lightening bug. Your bum would be too bright if it glowed."

There went my feel good, I'm a super Mommy happy moment! I spent the remainder of the evening evaluating my backside. I became defensive about the fact that I would indeed make a magnificent lightening bug.

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  1. could he have possible meant that you have so much light and energy that you light would be super bright :0)