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Monday, July 25, 2011

Hot Weather Surprise

To quote my Nan (maternal grandmother), the temperatures this past weekend have been both sweltering and putrid. With temperature advisories in effect and with poor air quality readings, all meteorologists seemed to be issuing the same advice: If you don't have to go outside, stay indoors and stay hydrated.

In our area, electricity is billed at 2.5x the normal rate when "electric emergencies" are declared. Whenever an emergency is declared I become an electricity warden, unplugging everything and banning the use of the plasma TV. In an attempt to keep our electric bill in check, I turned the house temperature up to 84 degrees and fled to the basement with Robby in tow.

Thankfully, Robby didn't seem overly interested in braving the scorching temperatures to play outside and was content playing quietly with Charlie and playing his new favorite game--darts. He spent hours sitting on our basement floor throwing darts at the dartboard. Since he only sat two feet away, he seldom missed.

I was in a rare situation. My services as a playmate, maid, short order cook or family organizer were not needed. I had time to myself! I grabbed my Nook, poured a large glass of iced tea and sat in the coolest area of the house.

I read about all of my friends' temperature-imposed misery on Facebook and Twitter. I have to admit that I had a great weekend. I spent the afternoons reading and working on a book idea.

Instead of cursing the hot temperatures, I would like to thank the rising mercury and poor air quality. Because of the heat, I had no expectations of completing any "mom" work, and my little outdoor adventurer was not inclined to go outside. Everybody else was suffering, but I was on a Momom vacation!

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