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Friday, May 31, 2013

Hooky Day

Although it is a school day, today we won't be following our typical schedule. We are playing hooky from school and are going to the ice rink. Yesterday Robby received an invitation to appear in a television commercial with Mike Green, a Washington Capitals player, and we just couldn't pass on this unique opportunity.

Both he and Scott were rendered speechless when I relayed the invitation, both breaking the silence to mutter "that is so cool" in unison. Although I think it will be fun to see Robby in a television commercial, my little guy is unimpressed about show business. However, he is over the moon about meeting and skating with a real hockey player. The minute I told him our plans he wanted to go to the ice rink to practice. His birthday party derailed those plans, but it didn't stop Robby from planning and demonstrating his skills to our guests! Last night was supposed to be about Robby's birthday, but it turned into Robby's hockey party.

With his birthday candles lit, we asked Robby to make a wish. He responded by telling us that everything he's wished for has already come true. This sentiment melted my heart, but I know that he was simply overwhelmed by the hockey invitation and the attention. Watching the wax melt all over the cake, I finally struck a bargain. Robby now has his birthday wish banked for a future time, and I was finally able to cut the cake.

After Robby's birthday party, I insisted that he take a bath. His normal complaints were absent and he obliged my request without hesitation. He even chimed in that he was going to use soap, so that he was "squeaky clean" when he met the Washington Capital.  (I didn't realize that soap during bath time was optional. I guess I'll have to keep closer tabs on what he is doing when I send him to get clean.)

In a few hours, Robby and I will hop into the car and we will embark on his first adventure as a seven year old. Considering his enthusiasm for playing hockey, I suspect that this will be difficult to top! I've stopped saying "break a leg" (for obvious reasons) but I will ask for luck. I'll post pictures when we get home!

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