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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ruffled My Feathers

The countdown is on! Robby only has 12 more days of school left. After the past few weeks I've had dealing with the administration and parents at his school, I venture to guess that I'm more excited than he to see this year come to a close.

A few weeks ago I was shocked, devastated and then infuriated when a request was verbalized (from the Principal) that I cover my prosthesis. Refusing to conceal my leg simply to satisfy the sensibilities of a parent, I have made it a point to wear either shorts or a knee length dress each day. I walk into the building with my head held high and smile broadly to everybody I encounter. Although I try to exude confidence, I continue to deal with hurt feelings concerning the request.

Until Friday the identity of the complaint lodging parent has been shielded. Although I had my suspicions, I lacked concrete proof about who complained about seeing my leg. Friday afternoon the coward stepped out of the shadows and confronted me directly. 

Leaving Robby in his classroom, I bumped into a classmate's father in the corridor. My smile straightened when I saw his disapproving scowl as he looked disgustedly away from my shiny black (and gently bedazzled) prosthesis. I am not proud of what transpired next.

Without even saying hello, the man (and I use that term only because I assume he has all of the anatomical equipment of the gender) began to reprimand me. I stood quietly as he stood 8 inches from my face and angrily said, "You should be ashamed of yourself. Don't you care that you are hurting your son by parading around with that thing showing?"

Something overtook me and my response was automatic. Although I typically avoid confrontation, this time I didn't hesitate nor did I flinch at his words. I maintained the hate-filled gaze, stayed within the same physical space that he invaded, and spoke purposefully. "I'm not hurting my son by wearing my prosthesis. But it most certainly will hurt you when I lodge it up your a$$ you ignorant prick."

Without providing him with an opportunity to respond, I walked past him and left the school. It's one thing for him to dislike seeing my prosthesis, but it is an entirely different issue when my mothering abilities are called into question. I have a high capacity for abuse and ignorance, but ruffle those maternal feathers and I'll stand toe to toe every time. 

Yesterday I was expecting to be called to speak with the administrators again. Instead the staff seemed oblivious to the confrontation. I didn't see the weak minded parent, but I did notice that his wife both dropped off and picked up their child. Hopefully they will continue this schedule for the next 12 days. I can hardly wait for Robby's end of the school year performance and celebration. I think my chromed socket will be fixed and ready for me to wear. 


  1. Please send your Big Cousin the name and address of this idiot. I will be more than happy to remove his opinion from the universe.

  2. Well, I'm appalled but not surprised. I have been a special educator for a number of years, and nothing surprises me anymore. However, this person is harboring some sort of fear, reaction to a past incident, or is just plain ignorant. It is in your best interests to take a deep breath, and not waste any of your energy on someone like this! Please post a picture of your chrome socket!!! I had a knee replacement last Summer, and was advised to cover the scar with long pants ... HAH! Just pulled my favorite shorts out of the Summer closet! See you on the playground!

  3. **Slow Clap*** I am speechless that such ignorance exsists in this world. Heck, I feel that almost everyday though!

    Mad praise and respect to you Peggy,

    Cindy A.