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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mommy Night

Yesterday morning, after a few frustrated rants from both sides, Scott and Robby were finally packed for their trip to Ohio. Fed up with his procrastination, I swore that I was not going to contribute to the last minute panic packing. Of course when the frantic searching through drawers began, I ended up helping. I just couldn't let them go away for the week woefully unprepared.

As soon as the boys drove out of the driveway, I felt an unexpected surge of excitement. (I'm sure the fact that Scott and I were scrapping before he left contributed to my relief when he drove away.) While I knew that I was going to miss them, I was also looking forward to my first quiet evening at home in over seven years.

Almost as soon as I realized that I was going to be here alone, which was 6 weeks ago, I began planning my evening. There was a time I would have taken the opportunity to get together with my friends, drink wine coolers and go dancing. Now taking a bubble bath with the door unlocked, eating cupcakes for dinner and curling up to watch Big Brother has become my idea of an ideal evening.

I spent the afternoon at the salon getting my grey covered and hair trimmed. I had planned on maintaining the color and cut that I have been wearing for the past year, but on the spur of the moment I decided that I wanted to do something more exciting. I told my stylist that I wanted to rediscover my inner sexy. My hair is now red, my eyebrows have been shaped and my upper lip has been waxed. (Unbeknownst to me I was growing a mustache?) I emerged from the salon two hours later; feeling sassy, youthful and ready to tackle the conference. It is amazing what a new color and hair removal can do for the psyche!

I came home and I decided follow my own advice and pack for the trip. I'm glad that I did because I realized that my Proprio foot was not functional. Thankfully, I discovered the issue with enough time that a replacement can be sent via overnight mail to my hotel. With the crisis averted and my bags packed, I went out to secure the evening's supplies: cupcakes.

I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed my evening of solitude. I thought I would miss Robby and Scott, but to be honest I had a wonderful night. Yes the house was quiet, but the novelty of being by myself overshadowed my lamenting their absence. I'm sure my friends will tease me for my choice of activity, but I think that the down time was exactly what I needed.

I ended up going to bed early and woke up feeling refreshed, energized and ready to conquer the conference! With my sexy new red hair, I'm feeling unstoppable. I'm looking forward to seeing friends and to meeting new people and exploring opportunities. My plane leaves in a few hours, and I am ready for what lies ahead!

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