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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Preparing for Orlando

This morning has all the hallmarks of being nothing less than chaotic. Scott and Robby are leaving for Ohio in a few hours. Despite my casual suggestions and reminders, some might call it nagging, they are not yet packed.

It is going to be difficult seeing Scott drive away today, but I know that they will both have fun with Grandma. Scott has not visited his Mom without me in tow in nearly eight years, and this is Robby's first Mommy-less visit. To be honest, I think that everybody is looking forward to visiting in my absence. I have no doubt that Grandma will relish the alone time with her son and grandson. 

While Scott and Robby are in Ohio, I'll be heading to the Amputee Coalition conference in Orlando. I leave tomorrow morning which means I will be alone in the house for the day. Preparing for this trip, I realized that I have not slept alone in this house since Robby was born. I've become accustomed to the quiet of the house during the day, but I suspect that the solitude at night will feel uncomfortable.

Although I'll miss my boys, my schedule will keep my lamenting to a minimum. Today I need to get my hair cut and colored. Last week I looked in the mirror and realized that I am sporting more grey than brown. I'm not sure when that happened, but I am not amused.

After the salon I'm going to try to buff the stains out of my foot shell. Since my prosthesis will be the focal point during my talks and work in the booth, it is important that it is as pristine as possible. Unfortunately, there is only so much magic Mr. Clean can be expected to perform. I'm afraid that the leather stains from last year's sandals are now a permanent fixture on the plastic foot. Another frustrating element of living with a prosthesis: it is almost impossible to clean! There are always a variety of stains on the foot and unsightly nicks in the socket. 

My evening will be spent cleaning the house in preparation for our house sitter. While my sister is looking forward to a mini vacation at my house, I'm not overly excited about the cleaning I need to do in advance of her arrival! I don't want her to step into my clutter and take off running for less chaotic surroundings. Who knows, maybe with all the Legos picked up, we'll be able to locate the snake!

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