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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dutch Wonderland

Yesterday we embarked on our traditional end-of-the-summer amusement park trip. Considering that I was still spinning (literally) from the fair, I wasn't sure how much fun we would have at the amusement park. But the plans were already laid, the weather was beautiful, and we had already revealed the adventure to Robby. In retrospect, I should have know that seven year old boys can never be fully satiated with speed and swinging around in circles.

Wanting to be proactive, I decided that I should take motion sickness medication before entering the park. I have never tried this prophylactic medicinal approach, but it seemed logical.  I relied upon the medication when we were on our cruise and although I felt queasy at times, I never became ill. I was optimistic that the same magic would work at the amusement park. After all, I figured that the body doesn't know whether it is being spun in circles or adrift on high seas. If the medication worked in one situation, surely they would help in another.

Apparently I don't understand pharmaceuticals. The vomit I not-so-discretely deposited into the bushes behind The Twister completely debunked the theory.  I spent the remainder of the day patiently waiting for the boys to disembark from rides and escorting them to another line. Although I would have loved to have ridden rides with Robby, I am beginning to accept that my body does not agree with my heart. I am simply too old to ride the attractions at amusement parks. 

Although I was disappointed that my motion sickness solution flopped, we had a great day. Scott and Robby thoroughly enjoyed all of the rides and emerged from the gates with huge smiles after each ride, racing each other to the next attraction. I wish I could have participated more, but I also think that it is important for them to have experiences without me. At least, that's what I kept reminding myself as I was sitting on various park benches waiting for them to emerge through the exit gates.

Yes, they were really good sports and agreed to pose in these costumes for this photo.

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