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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Scared Comes Out...

Although rain had been forecast, the weather on Sunday turned out to be gorgeous. After running errands in the morning and working through the afternoon, I was ready to get out of the house and take advantage of the warm temperatures and bright blue skies. It didn't take long to convince Robby and Scott to walk away from the XBox, in fact it only took five words. I said, "Let's go to the fair" and both boys jumped off the couch, threw on their shoes and ran out the door. To be honest I'm not sure who was more excited, my 7 year old or the 47 year old!

To my surprise (and delight) the Fair was not crowded. I assumed that the pathways, exhibits and rides would be packed with fellow Fair enthusiasts, but we had room to stroll, and the animal barns were nearly empty. In reality we spent about five minutes exploring the animal exhibits. Robby is used to touching, feeding and caring for the animals at the Animal Park, so being forced to stay behind the rope was understandable but a tinge anticlimactic. When we walked out of the chicken house, Robby spied the Ferris Wheel. He grabbed his Daddy's hand, screamed, "See ya later, Momom" and took off running towards the rides. 

I must give credit to Scott who dutifully rode the Fair rides for four hours straight. He endured being spun, flipped and swung in every direction possible. His Herculean efforts kept me from having to ride, thwarting the vomiting and dizziness which always ensues. My job was to hold the food, water, and assorted toys which were won and patiently wait for them to disembark. I have never been so happy to be relegated to a Sherpa!

Because Robby was so excited and because there were virtually no lines, he didn't stop to look at the road before embarking. I'm fairly certain that had he or Scott seen the Hi-Roller in action, both would have quietly walked away. Instead they were fully strapped in and secure before either of they overheard a conversation from other passengers about what they were about to experience. I watched the ride with my jaw dropped, worrying about both of them.

The ride started off benign, just swinging pendulum style back and forth, each time attaining a higher altitude. After three or four swings it went completely upside down. Then it took the passengers upside down and kept them in that position for several (extremely long) seconds. I can only imagine what was going on inside that little enclosed cart! Once the carts were released and upright again, the ride began to swing in the opposite direction, repeating the pattern and again suspending my little family upside down. 

Scott staggered off the ride, sweaty and disoriented. Robby followed, with his head down but seemingly unaffected; until I noticed the wet spot in the front of his shorts. He was quick to explain, "Momom, I did not have an accident on that ride. But I think that being upside down might have might have caused some scared to come out of me."  Hmm... I did the only thing I could do in this situation. I quickly took him to the swings so that he could air dry and continue with the fun, and I bought a bottle of water and a bucket of fries for Scott. Needless to say, the Hi Roller was the only Fair ride that did not garner a return visit from my boys!
The world's most expensive stuffed turtle was "won" at the Fair. 

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