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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Orientation Day!

Robby does not start school officially until next Tuesday, but today is a very big day in our house. This morning he will be going to his new school for a student orientation day. He will meet his teacher and classmates, spend time in his classroom, and walk through his daily schedule. He is excited about meeting new friends and is delighted that there are more boys in his class. Last year he was one of two boys. After the fiasco at his former school concerning my prosthesis, I'm elated that we are going to a new school!

Although he is excited, we are admittedly both a tinge nervous. After all, it's hard going some place completely new. Although we're both apprehensive about the change, we are trying to remember the positive. The fact that Robby has already met his teacher has been helpful in alleviating his jitters.  I know that he is enrolled in a fantastic school and that he will thrive, and I'm actively reminding myself of this whenever I become worried, which lately has been quite frequent.

My friends and family often joke with me because I utterly detest change. While I admittedly become comfortable and don't like to alter my routine, my fears don't keep me from experiencing new opportunities. I just walk into change fully voicing my concerns and worries to anybody who will listen!

Robby takes after me because he has been extremely expressive about his new school concerns. He is worried about making friends, about the quality of the lunches and snacks, and about the lengths of his recesses. Notice he is not the least bit concerned about academics. Scott and I have spent hours talking about his new school, reminding him of all the wonderful attributes and adventures that he will experience. He is excited but still worried about the unknown. I am hopeful that today's orientation will go a long way towards calming his nerves. And mine.

Wish us luck. This is a big day!

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