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Friday, August 30, 2013

Choosing a Prosthetist...

For the past year I have been participating in a monthly Podcast. Amp'd  (the podcast) was the brainchild born of a long ago lunch between my friend Dave and myself. We are both amputees, but our life experiences cause us to look at many issues differently. Our mutual respect always leads to enlightening, and sometimes entertaining discussions which we thought would be interesting fodder for a Podcast. 

Dave and I try to pick topics relevant to the community. During the past year we've discussed everything from sex and intimacy to prosthetic coverings. For this month's podcast, we chose to address a topic that impacts so many amputees yet is rarely investigated. It is a reality that not all prosthetists are created equal, and we wanted to provide a road map towards choosing the best practitioner to meet your individual needs.

Far too many amputees are struggling with their prosthetic devices. From navigating insurance to communicating effectively with their practitioners, it seems that too many are disenfranchised and frustrated. The relationship developed with the Prosthetist will become more important than one which has been forged with surgeons. Being able to relay your dreams, experiences and sensations to the prosthetist is the key to prosthetic success. Unfortunately, too many patients feel stymied and muted by their practitioners. 

In this month's episode of Amp'd, Dave and I offer questions that should be asked when interviewing a Prosthetist.  Acceptable answers as well as red flags were explored in the hopes of helping amputees find the best practitioner to meet their needs. What should you look for when entering a facility, and what pitfalls should be avoided? We tried to provide some answers in Amp'd. We would love to have your feedback and hope you will share your opinion with us. 

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