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Monday, October 28, 2013

Brave Little Koopa

Friday morning we woke up early (5 AM) and drove Robby to the hospital. Although he was difficult to rouse, it is safe to say that neither Scott nor I slept well. In the scheme of things, Robby's surgery was minor. But when it is your child that is going to be on the gurney, nothing feels routine.

Although he was nervous, Robby handled the situation like a champ. He never cried even though it would have been justified and maintained a calm demeanor throughout the admittance process. He charmed the nurses and fellow patients as he calmly waited for his name to be called. Of course, the fact that he was browsing online for new XBox games certainly helped to boost his spirits.

Because of his age, a parent was encouraged to accompany him into the operating room.  Without discussion I took the gown and suited up. It only occurred to me afterwards that we didn't even discuss which parent would go. Scott later admitted that he was glad I took the lead because he was concerned that he would faint seeing his little boy on the stretcher. Robby giggled when he saw me, gleefully explaining that I looked like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.  After looking at the photos I have to admit that he is correct.  I should have saved the paper white suit for Halloween!

The only time Robby's brave demeanor cracked was when he was on the stretcher in the operating room. Holding his little hand and stroking his head, it was difficult for me to keep from breaking down. Thankfully, he was sleeping in record time, and I was being summarily dismissed by the operating room staff. 

With Scott anxiously pacing and asking for a time check every two minutes, we both nervously waited for the doctor to come to speak with us. After making sure that my Hotspot Shield VPN was activated (a habit I developed whenever I am in public) I fidgeted and played on my SmartPhone, checking emails and updating family and friends via Facebook and Twitter.  It's amazing how everybody can remain connected despite the distance!

I'm fairly certain that we both jumped up and pounced on the doctor as soon as she entered the waiting area. She spoke the best words we've ever heard: "Robby is doing well. I inserted the tubes and managed to remove considerable scar tissue. I expect that this will help his hearing."  For the second time that morning, I had to hold back tears.

We met Robby in recovery where Scott was able to scoop him off the gurney and place him on my lap.Cuddling him never felt so good!  Before we knew it, we were getting him dressed and heading home.

Between the pain from the surgery and lingering anesthesia, Friday night was difficult. Robby alternated between whimpering and crying because of the pain in his ears. The drops, which were supposed to alleviate some of the discomfort, caused intense stinging and bleeding from his ears. I called the doctor Saturday morning and a new formulation was called into the pharmacy.

Saturday was spent alternating between quietly playing and resting. By Sunday morning Robby declared no pain, and his normal energetic demeanor had returned. We tried to keep him quiet, but he was growing restless. We packed up and headed to the apple orchard. He picked a bag of apples, ate a cupcake and declared it the "best apple picking day ever." Scott and I both smiled, knowing that our little boy was back!

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