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Friday, November 01, 2013

Pajama Bound

Yesterday was Halloween, a holiday which I have always loved. Despite my valiant efforts, the day turned out to be quite lousy. Thankfully my bad luck/ blue funk never rubbed off on Robby. He had a great day and a fantastic time Trick-or-Treating with Scott.

My day started out jovial and happy. I made pumpkin and bat pancakes for breakfast and continued my culinary efforts by preparing Robby a spooktacular lunch. Envisioning his delight and smile when he opened his lunch box definitely made the efforts worthwhile. Of course, my kitchen was a wreck by 8:00 AM and the dirty dishes only increased throughout the day. Thankfully I'm quite adept at working in a "well used" kitchen.

I drove Robby to school and was shocked when we walked into his classroom. All of his classmates were in full Halloween costume. Since the Halloween class party is today, I assumed that costumes wouldn't be worn. I could see the look of disappointment wash across Robby's face when he realized that he was the only one without his costume. So, I quickly drove home to pick up his get-up. Although the problem was easily rectified, I left the school for the second time feeling frazzled and frustrated.

After going home and throwing a batch of cupcakes in the oven, I sat on the couch hoping to unwind a little bit. I turned on my laptop, fired up my Hotspot VPN (virtually transporting me to New Zealand) and prepared to begin shopping for Christmas presents.  Apparently I became too relaxed because I woke up to the buzzer dinging and the smell of burnt cake wafting through my kitchen. I angrily tossed the charred cakes into the sink and started another batch.

I was walking downstairs to retrieve more flour when I heard a pop. Thankfully the sound caused me to instinctively slow down because on my next step my socket completely failed. I lost suction and tumbled down the remaining four stairs. 

Falling always leaves me feeling with an overwhelming sense of vulnerability. I'm reminded about how fragility of my ability to walk. It is terribly humbling to know that, at any moment, I can lose my mobility. At moments like these, I truly despise and wholeheartedly resent being an amputee.

Thankfully, I wasn't injured by the fall. I was shaken and scared, and my prosthesis is broken, but I emerged physically unscathed. Unfortunately the incident rendered me jittery and frazzled for the rest of the day and evening. I tried to regain my holiday spirit but it never happened.

I was able to regroup enough to bake another batch of cupcakes, prepare a themed dinner and get the boys dressed for Trick-or-Treating. By the time they walked out of the door I just wanted to curl into bed and cry. Of course the constant ringing of my doorbell kept that dream from becoming a reality. I typically love handing out the candy, but hobbling around on my "beater" leg made walking to and from the door more difficult. 

I'm glad that today is Friday. We have Robby's Halloween party at school. His costume is carefully stowed in the car should he need it again. After hosting the party and putting down my stamp as "School's best room mom" I plan on coming home, changing into my pink comfy monkey print pajamas and relaxing for the remainder of the day. Who knows, I might just extend my vacation into the weekend and stay in my comfy jammies for the next few days.

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