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Monday, November 04, 2013

Unexpected Surprises...

I am entering this week feeling refreshed and ready to tackle my more hectic than normal schedule. This week I have two doctors appointments, Robby has one, and my Mom is having eye surgery. It's a good thing that I spent the past few days relaxing because I am going to need all my reserves this week!

I woke up Saturday feeling sore and uncomfortable, unfortunate side effects of my tumble on Thursday. I'm not seriously hurt, just bruised enough to have a constant reminder that something is not quite right. Because I'm pregnant and will only resort to medication in extreme circumstances, I'm relegated to the "suck it up and deal with it" method of healing. The fact that I'm wearing my old prosthesis, which is functional but not nearly as comfortable and responsive as what I have been using, has added to my misery.

Feeling depressed and useless (admittedly both emotions were exacerbated by the pregnancy hormones) I decided to take Robby to the movies on Saturday afternoon. My little guy was ecstatic when I invited him to see Free Birds, the story of turkeys who go back in time to change the Thanksgiving menu. I was pleased to have a reason to hide in a dark theater for a few hours, and Scott was eager to watch various football games in peace. Robby hit his Daddy up for popcorn money and we headed on our special date.

Robby was beaming as we stood in line to get the tickets. I would be lying if I said I was happy to be in public. I was limping, sore and feeling sad. Not wanting to spoil his experience, I tried to put my emotions to the side and smiled as much as possible. I guess part of me was hoping that the smile would eventually become real. 

Walking up to the clerk to buy our tickets, I was intercepted by an elderly gentleman. Because I make no attempts to camouflage my prosthesis, I have become accustomed to being approached by strangers. There is apparently nothing better than a carbon fiber foot to break down social barriers and start conversations. I was fully expecting him to ask me a question or to tell me a story of how limb loss has impacted him. Instead, something extraordinary happened. He asked if we were going to see Free Birds.  Robby chimed in and immediately answered him, adding that the movie looked as funny as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. The gentleman smiled, and then handed Robby two tickets.

After a moment of shock, I tried to refuse the offer and pay him for the tickets. Again he smiled, told Robby to enjoy the movie and walked away. He didn't walk into the theater but left, holding hands with his wife and never looking back.

I was absolutely flabbergasted that a stranger would pay for our movie. I doubt that the gentleman knew that I was feeling overwhelmed and beaten down. His gesture transcended my saving money by not paying for the tickets. He bestowed a kindness that I needed to experience at that moment. My moods lifted and, although I was still limping, the frustrations that I had been feeling about my gait were no longer important. Without knowing me, he made me feel special and appreciated.  Unexpected surprises often happen when you need them the most!

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  1. Certainly purpose in all things. Wonderful acts of kindness are everywhere. I always like to pay it forward. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Hope you start feeling better! Hugs xxoo