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Friday, November 08, 2013


Yesterday Scott and I met with a new set of doctors who ran an extensive testing protocol on the baby-to-be. Our appointment wasn't until mid afternoon, which meant that I spent the majority of the day fretting and conjuring worst case scenarios. By the time I arrived at the appointment, I was an emotional wreck! Thankfully I found a hairbrush in my car because I realized when I was getting ready to walk into the office that I had forgotten to brush my hair. Poor Robby. I must have looked like a ragamuffin when I dropped him off at school in the morning.

Despite my mediocre grooming, the appointment went smoothly. I felt a weight lift off my shoulders when the doctor said, "So far everything looks perfectly normal." The first hurdle of the old lady tests is complete, and I am beginning to feel the anticipation and joy that has been tempered. 

Robby still doesn't know that he is going to be a big brother. Scott and I have decided to wait until my blood work comes back before revealing the news. Truthfully, I think both of us are delaying revealing this news because neither of us think that Robby will accept it gracefully. He has been an only child for seven years and I don't think he is going to be overjoyed with the prospect of having a sibling. Actually, I am anticipating a full-blown angry meltdown, with tears. I keep telling myself that he'll eventually embrace his new role as big brother, but it is not going to happen overnight.

I want to avoid the confrontation and drama as long as possible, but soon the reality will be harder to conceal.  It is not a conversation I'm looking forward to having with him, but I'm hoping that we can figure out a way to monopolize on the excitement of what he is gaining instead of the changes that will be happening. After all, he is my son and neither of us deal particularly well with change!

Sticking with the theme of this week, today we have yet another doctor's appointment. Robby will be having his post-op hearing check. We've been careful to not question him about his hearing as we don't want to put undo pressure on him. Although we haven't verbalized it, I'm anxious to learn if the surgery has made an improvement in his audiological scores. In a few hours, we'll learn if the surgery was successful.  Fingers crossed for good news! I'll post an update later today.

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  1. I am 8 years older than my younger sister. As we were growing up together we became great friends.

    But before she was born, my parents told me that they were bringing home a new brother or sister for me to play with. I recall instructing my mother to bring home a brother - that would be cool.

    When my sister arrived, the first time I saw her she was in a crib in the living room, still using a hospital paper blanket.

    I remember giving her a puzzled look and then turning to my mother and asking where was the brother I was promised.

    Well you got a sister instead I was told.

    I looked again and started getting REALLY upset.

    You promised me someone I could play with! THIS is a BABY! You don't play with babies! You have to take care of babies!

    I was seriously expecting that they bring home someone like me, maybe a year younger. NOT an infant!