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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Wood Stove!

Yesterday was unusually busy. It began with my waking up early, 3:30 AM, due to the unwelcome return of my sleep issues. I was at my Mom's because she was scheduled for her cataract surgery. Although it was not a major procedure, I want to be present every time anesthesia is used. Thankfully. my career allows me the flexibility I treasure!

While I was in Pennsylvania Sunday afternoon, Robby and Scott planned for a "man's afternoon." Instead of their traditional macho endeavors of watching television in their underwear while eating a smorgasbord of fried foods, the two embarked on an ambitious home improvement project. With the help of a handy friend, they installed a wood stove insert in our living room fireplace. 

I have to admit that I was delighted to be two states away while this project was attempted. Scott, who has so many wonderful talents and attributes, is not particularly skilled with tools. In fact, the wood stove installation was the first home improvement project he has attempted in our 13 years together.

Needless to say, I was concerned about my novice husband attempting a project of this scale. I would have preferred he began his foray into the wonderful world of tools with changing the shower head or snaking a drain. Despite my concerns, he was determined to install the wood stove and was not going to be deterred from this goal. I tried to convince him that this project warranted a professional contractor, but he was steadfast in his plans to do the work himself. Not wanting to emasculate him, I finally conceded and provided him with as much support as I could muster.

After logging onto his own Hotspot VPN (he is now a convert to the additional safety afforded by the service) Scott invested hours watching Youtube videos and scouring the internet for advice and instructions. He tackled the project with an impressive determination to succeed. By the time I left on Sunday morning, my worries were being tempered by my burgeoning confidence in his installation plan. I knew that he had done ample preparation, and I hoped that nothing unexpected occurred that would thwart his efforts. I kissed the boys good bye, reminded Robby to run directly to Mr. Bill's house if Daddy fell off the roof, and left the two to complete their "man work."

I understand that the installation hit a few snags, but the boys were able to figure them out. Several hours after I arrived at my Mom's house I received emailed photos of the new wood stove, completely installed. Scott sounded so proud on the phone that I couldn't help but smile.

Yesterday evening we fired up the wood stove for an inaugural burn. I'm not sure which glowed brighter, the fire or Robby's and Scott's proud smiles. Although I was nervous, the pair certainly came through and succeeded. Of course, now that Scott's handy abilities have been revealed, he can expect a much different honey-do list from now on!

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