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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Normal Mom

Elementary schools in our area were closed for the past two days because of teacher in-services and conferences. Much to Robby's vocal displeasure, his school calendar did not follow the public school's schedule. Because he goes to a private school, he had a normal schedule of classes. I don't blame him for being sad. If I were a kid, I am sure I would have protested going to school when my friends were home for fall break. 

In order to garner good will in the community (and not missing an opportunity to increase revenue), Robby's school offered a special "camp" for public school students. The participants were safe because they weren't home alone and were occupied with a variety of fun crafts and games. It was a bit disconcerting walking into his normally quiet school now bustling with noise and filled with unfamiliar faces, but I think that the program is probably an excellent option for working parents who couldn't take off two days at the beginning of November. 

Although Robby complained non-stop about his attending school on what he is positive were holidays, he thoroughly enjoyed the interactions with new friends. With an abbreviated academic schedule, recesses and art time were extended so that the two groups could combine and mingle. Picking him up on Monday, he admitted that school was a lot of fun (after providing the disclaimer that it would have been better to enjoy the holiday at home.)

It took us considerably longer to grab his lunchbox and coat out of his cubby. Almost as soon as I stepped onto the playground to claim him, I was swarmed by curious little faces, peppering me with questions about my leg. I never want to ignore an opportunity to educate somebody about limb loss and prosthetics, but I certainly wasn't prepared for the onslaught of interest from the campers. After about 10 minutes of fielding questions, I was finally rescued by a teacher who artfully diverted the attention of my audience. Robby and I were able to escape the school undetected.

Yesterday morning Robby made an odd request as I was dressing to take him to school.  "Momom, I think you should wear jeans. The new kids act like they've never seen a prosthetic before. It's annoying."  I was going to explain that most kids don't get to see a prosthesis, but I decided to just let it go. Instead I squeezed into the only pair of jeans that still button over my growing bump and took him to school. There is a time educate and enlighten, but sometimes it is more important to just be a "normal" Mom. 

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