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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Good Start

Yesterday was a busy, albeit  extremely productive, day. I was surprised by how much was accomplished considering that Robby was home from school.  After ten consecutive days of his being home, I had all but abandoned aspirations of productivity!

The day started early with my answering emails and putting the finishing touches on an insurance appeal. Just was I was about to fix Robby breakfast and lay down the plans for the afternoon, the telephone rang. On the other end was a young Mom who was faced with an imminent amputation. She was scared, and her fears were intensified because she was concerned about how her four year old son would react and adjust. The conversation didn't take long before I offered to meet her and her son later that morning.

After the plans were set, I explained the situation to Robby. Upon hearing that a child was worried about his Mom being an amputee, my little guy gave me a sheepish grin and a thumbs up. "Don't worry Momom, I've got this. I'll talk to this kid and let him know that having an amputee mommy is awesome. Remember, we don't even have to wait in lines for roller coasters. How cool is that?" 

I was anticipating the habitual whining of having to change out of his pajamas and leave his XBox, but Robby surprised me by his willingness to help. He never uttered a complaint and appeared eager and comfortable meeting this new family. I was proud of his ability to relate and the empathy which he demonstrated to this nervous little boy. After our visit, I had the impression that both the mom and son felt better about the impending amputation.

After meeting with new friends, Robby accompanied me on my visit to teach Abby. He assumed his position on the family couch and quietly played with his IPad throughout the session. Again, he never muttered a complaint and could not have been more delightful. We were definitely on a good behavior roll!

By the time we arrived home Robby had reached his socialization limits. All he wanted to do was play on the computer and decompress for awhile. Since I had to leave for a doctor's appointment and Mr. Bill was going to be watching him, I was happy to accommodate his requests. After his stellar behavior, he had definitely earned some down time!

I'm always nervous before my doctor's appointments, and this one was no different. Despite my own health issues, the baby seems to be developing perfectly. As of yesterday, he (or she) weighs 2 pounds 4 ounces and is extremely active and healthy. I even received a wonderful souvenir from the appointment- our first true photographs! All things considered, it was a very good start to the week.

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