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Friday, February 21, 2014

Unexpected Detour

I went to bed Wednesday night with my mind overflowing with plans for the next day. I had a pile of reports and projects to finish and had every intention of setting myself up in a comfy little corner of my couch and working all day. Unfortunately, things rarely go as expected. 

I'll save all the embarrassing and unsavory details, but by the time I dropped Robby off at school I was acutely aware that my body was severely dehydrated and depleted. I phoned my OB and was instructed to go directly to the hospital for IV fluids and an exam. I wasn't surprised by these instructions and, while I was looking forward to being hydrated, I was dreading spending the day at the hospital. I left my work at home, grabbed a Kindle and headed for the hospital.

I was relieved to learn that the baby was not in distress and appeared to be unscathed by my recent medical hiccup. The doctors determined that the dehydration was the result of some hormonal and thyroid imbalances which we have been working to stabilize. I know that my thyroid regulation is fluid and ever changing, but I am growing weary of the constant adjustments.  I never realized that a tiny little gland would be able to cause such dramatic gastro-intestenal disturbances!

After a few hours of fluids slowly dripping into my veins, I began to feel much better. I am glad I decided to call the doctor and seek intervention before the situation became dire. From now until delivery, I'm beginning to accept that I have to expect the unexpected. I don't like changes to my schedule, but I know that there is nothing I can do about this situation except take care of myself and remain vigilant when something feels different.

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