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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Insurance Appeal- A Listener's Guide

For the past two years, I have been recording a monthly podcast with my friend and fellow amputee Dave. Dave is a lawyer, but once I learned to overlook his vocation (our joke), I came to realize that he is a really great guy. I have a great respect for his opinions and his expertise. It turns out that having an amputee lawyer friend who specializes in insurance reimbursement can be quite the sounding board, especially when I have to deal with Elsie, my insurance adjustor.

I have grown to thoroughly enjoy recording our podcasts. Although I still do not relish hearing my voice, I am proud of the issues we have discussed. We are by no means professional broadcasters, but we have been able to develop a comfortable rapport during our dialogues. I'd like to think that we sound like two competent friends exchanging ideas rather than "experts" espousing facts and trivia.

As proud as I am of our content, I am fully aware that our product is definitely homespun.  Although it isn't from a lack of trying, Dave and I simply don't possess the audio engineering skills necessary to create a refined result. Because editing the audio is laborious and sometimes downright infuriating, we tend to take a minimalist approach. In other words, the little flips and mistakes which other podcasters remove are unedited in ours.  We prefer to think of the the podcast as organic as opposed to amateurish.

Last week Dave and I began a series dedicated to drafting the perfect insurance appeal. Because this is an issue dear to my heart, I wanted to share the recording. Please forgive the flubs, technical missteps and obvious mistakes.  Enjoy!  http://www.podcastgarden.com/episode/your-insurance-appeal_11464

So many amputees are denied the devices that could help them live more active and fulfilling lives. A denial does not always equate to the end of the line, but is often a hallmark that the battle is just beginning. Dealing with the appeal in the correct manner and providing specific details is often the difference between obtaining the prosthesis and living without it.  We hope that this series will empower the community with the knowledge necessary to win the dreaded but all too common insurance appeal.

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