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Monday, February 17, 2014

All Things Lincoln

Two weeks ago in school Robby learned about the assassination of President Lincoln. From the day of his first lesson on the topic, Robby has been enthralled and hungry for all details concerning Abraham Lincoln being "sniped" while he was at the theater. (He is also quick to explain that they used to call it assassination in the "olden days.") Since he was home all last week because of bronchitis and snow, we have had ample time to thoroughly research Abraham Lincoln's untimely death. Not being a history buff myself, I quickly grew weary of the topic. However, his quest for details seemed never ending so I obliged and helped with the research.

A few days ago, Scott surprised us with tickets to tour Ford's Theatre (the place of the "sniping") and the Peterson House (the building in which Lincoln ultimately died). Robby and I spent the weekend brushing up on our Lincoln facts in preparation for our big tour on Sunday. Excited about visiting the actual theater, Robby was the first one up on Sunday morning. It was a big surprised to see his eager little eyes peering at me at 6:00 in the morning, but I was also happy that he was excited to go on the tour. After all, I don't know many seven year olds who wake up early because they want to spend the day at a history museum!

As we were gathering items to take with us, I became increasingly aware that neither Scott nor Robby seemed overly concerned about the bulk and weight of their "necessary items." Of course they didn't care; it was all being crammed into my purse! Because of the tablets, cameras, wallets, bottles of water, and snacks, I was toting an extra 5 pounds on my shoulder.  Between the obscenely heavy purse, the baby weight, and a new foot which is of a higher category (hence stiffer), I was definitely struggling to keep up with the boys as they weaved through the foot traffic to get in line for our tour.  I finally gave up and assumed my position in the rear, knowing that neither could begin the tour without me. After all, somewhere in my abyss of a purse were the tickets. 

Scott and I anticipated being at the museums for 90 minutes. Afterwards, we planned to eat at Lincoln's Waffle House before taking the train to return home. Confident that we would be home no later than 2:00, I had planned on spending the rest of the afternoon cleaning the house. It turns out we had completely underestimated Robby's museum stamina!

Robby thoroughly examined every display. He carefully listened to the narration on our rented audio sets at each exhibit. When he learned something new or particularly interesting, we listened to the audio narration twice. After awhile, Scott and I simply followed in tow as he explored the museums.

I was happy that Robby was comfortable approaching and asking his questions or offering his observations to the Park Ranger tour guides. After a few interactions, the Ranger tried to trip up Robby with some trivia. My little history buff shocked him by providing the correct answers.  (Did you know what John Wilkes Booth's last words were? Apparently Robby knew that Booth uttered "useless, useless" because he was staring at his newly paralyzed hands after being shot in the neck.)

What we thought would only last 90 minutes turned into a four hour Lincoln fact-finding mission. I definitely felt the impact both on my amputation and my pregnancy by the time we caught our train to go home. I was utterly exhausted and acutely aware that my previously normal gait pattern had morphed to an awkward waddle as a result of being on my feet all day.

We never did make it to the Lincoln Waffle House which was the part of our trip I was looking forward to the most. And although I didn't get to enjoy my "legendary waffle," I did get to see Robby absorb history like a little sponge. I have no doubt that he would thoroughly enjoy touring the Manassas Battlefield this summer (it is only 10 minutes from our house), but I also realize that we will be talking about an all day affair when we go. Upon further contemplation, perhaps this would be the perfect experience to share with his Civil War loving friend Mr. Bill!

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