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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Avoidance Works.

Monday night I ended up doing something that has only occurred perhaps one or two other times, each incident with an extenuating circumstance. I stayed home from Robby's hockey lesson. I felt oddly guilty about missing his lesson, but I just didn't have the energy to attend. I also didn't want to deal with and confront the frustrating "no seating" decision dictated by the rink owners. Sometimes it is easier just to avoid than to always face a battle!

Scott took Robby and, from the pictures and videos provided, my absence was not an issue. Robby seemed to have a blast and after watching a few video clips I began to relax and enjoy my "get out of skate free" card. I sat on the couch, kicked my leg off and enjoyed watching reruns of Modern Family until they returned.  Although I work from home, I am always engrossed in a project or report. I rarely sit back and just relax, so Monday night was a treat.

The duo returned home later than usual because Scott decided to allow Robby to stay and take advantage of the open ice. By the time they did come home, Robby was completely tuckered out. Scott's plan worked because the little guy slept until 8:45 the next morning. Apparently skate is the secret weapon to get Robby to sleep beyond the sunrise!

Next week Scott has dental surgery (yes, his medical phobias are beginning to kick into high gear already) and I'll be taking Robby to skate by myself. At that time I'll figure out how to deal with the "no seating" issue. I know that standing will not be an option for a variety of reasons, but I still haven't decided on the perfect way to handle the dilemma. Hopefully by then I'll be feeling better and stronger, so that I can calmly advocate for myself. But for this week, I think that avoidance was the perfect technique!

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  1. Could you bring a folding chair? Or send an email to the rink owner asking for an accommodation under the ADA? (Would this be covered by the ADA since you're not actually a skater?) Otherwise I'd show up in your wheelchair--preferably with leg extended--and park it in the most inconvenient place in the rink. Oh, and be sure to wear a top that accentuates the fact that you're pregnant!