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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wardrobe Drama

I went to bed Tuesday night with my limb feeling nothing more than tired. I woke up to discover a significant sore on my inside knee. I have no idea how I managed to achieve skin breakdown in the middle of the night. I am not sure I'll ever adjust to the strange things happening to my body during this pregnancy!

Having a sore on the residual limb is never a fun experience. Coupled with the other discomforts of pregnancy, I was utterly miserable. My liner is already tight because of the swelling in my limb, and trying to roll a slightly too snug liner over an open sore was difficult. Needless to say, trying to squeeze into my barely fitting socket only intensified my misery. 

With my first step, I knew that I decided to forgo my prosthesis for much of the day. I hoped that I would only have to wear the leg to drop off Robby and pick him up from school. I had planned on coming straight home, taking off my leg and liner, slathering on Neosporin and working on the couch. Unfortunately, plans rarely go as expected.

Yesterday was Picture Day at Robby's school. He picked out a green and yellow flannel shirt for the occasion and was quite proud of his outfit. He looked so handsome I just wanted to smother him with kisses!  As soon as we walked into his school I realized that this was not a normal school picture. 

Instead of the traditional blue screen, we saw piles of frilly dresses, hats, little boy suits and assorted props. His class was scurrying around, delighted with the opportunity to play dress-up. The photographer looked utterly shocked when she saw Robby. Looking at the small sizes strewn throughout the lobby, I immediately sensed the problem.  After some stalling, she admitted that she had failed to bring any "fancy clothes" his size. 

Personally, I find the concept of a dress-up school picture ridiculous. However, I didn't want Robby to be the only student in his class picture to be wearing normal clothes. I pulled Robby aside and told him that I was going to run out and buy him a fancy suit. He threw his arms around me, kissed me three times and kept saying thank you. As I walked out of the school I heard him call out, "Try to find a yellow tie, Momom." 

With a sore leg I hobbled into Walmart, certain that I would quickly find an outfit that would fit. After all, it is nearly Easter and the racks were overflowing with spring suits. Unfortunately, none of the outfits on any of the three racks were even close to his size. Discouraged but not defeated, I drove to the department store down the block.

By the time I entered the second store I knew that my leg was bleeding. I also knew that my little guy was depending upon me and that his class was waiting for him to get dressed for their big picture. Thankfully the clerks noticed my difficulty walking and offered to shop for me. I normally would have declined the offer, but yesterday I was desperate for relief.  I sat in a chair by the register while they pulled all the suits in his size. Within minutes I was buying a grey vest, blue shirt and yellow tie and heading out the door. It was refreshing to experience such compassionate and prompt customer service!  .

After dropping off the over-priced new suit, I went home and immediately cleaned the blood and fluids off my limb. I spent the remainder of the day on the couch, trying to nurse the wound back to health. I have come to expect the unexpected during this pregnancy. That being said, the surprises can stop anytime now.

I was anxious to see Robby's photos, especially after the whole wardrobe malfunction. Although he was handsome, I was totally disappointed in the uber-expensive portfolio which was presented to me. The photographer, the same lady who was prop happy, insisted that Robby remove his cowboy boots and socks for every pose. I failed to see the artistic value of wearing a suit while sporting bare feet. Oh well, I guess we'll be headed to Target for school pictures this year.  At least there he will be able to wear his green and yellow flannel shirt and cowboy boots!

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