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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Naked and Afraid

Slowly but surely I am beginning to recover from my leg surgery. With a carefully crafted socket and the use of crutches, I am now able to get around. I can't fully weight my leg and each step reminds me of the recent surgery, but I know that I am on the path to recovery. It feels wonderful to be back on two legs.

Optimistic and excited about my ability to walk, on Tuesday I opted to forgo the knee scooter in lieu of crutches when we set out for my gyn appointment. I knew that relying on my tender limb and new socket was a risk, but I also recognized that I am at the stage where I have to push myself through the soreness if I want to recover. Since Scott was with me, I figured that I could just remove the leg and crutch if the pain became too intense. 

Of course I didn't account for the doctor's schedule when I made the decision to wear my leg. He was running an hour behind schedule and towards the end I found myself eagerly anticipating getting into an examination room so that I could whip off the prosthesis. You know that the discomfort is becoming intense when you are looking forward to disrobing for a gyn exam!

When my name was finally called by the nurse, I was feeling desperate to take off the leg. I immediately popped it off when I reached the exam room, an act which both startled and shocked the nurse. I was so anxious to release the pressure that I didn't pause to give her warning. I am used to seeing my leg pop off, but I was reminded that this is not a normal sight for most people. 

After the doctor examined me I was left alone to dress before resuming the consultation. I stood on the table ledge, removed the pink paper gown and reached for my crutches. Trying to save myself some steps, I decided to tried to pull my clothes towards me with a crutch. Unfortunately I ended up knocking my other crutch, and my leg, off the counter sending them crashing to the ground.

The sound of my crutch and leg crashing to the ground prompted every medical professional in the hallway and nearby office to come running into the exam room.  Within seconds the door flew open and I was greeted by three nervous nurses, the doctor, a physician's assistant and one rogue workman. At the time I was bent over, reaching for my underwear, not expecting such an audience.

I stood up and froze like a deer in the headlights. Completely naked and unsure of which region I should try to cover with my hand, I stammered out a nonsensical explanation about trying to retrieve my panties.  Time slowed to the point where two strangers walked by and opened the reception door directly across from my room leading to the full reception area. If I weren't humiliated, I would have found the look on Scott's face humorous as he glanced up to see me in my indiscreet moment. Instead I only felt horror as I stumbled to cover myself with the remnants of the paper gown.

I really hate going to the gynecologist!

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