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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Unexpected Benefits

My pregnancy with Timmy was arduous, to say the very least. I was sick from the moment I conceived, continuing the ordeal for six weeks after he was born because of the uterine infections. The pain, sleepless nights, nausea, worry and endless medical interventions were worth it because I am able to be a mom for the second time. 

It turns out that the pregnancy had an unexpected benefit. In addition to having the baby, I managed to shed a whopping 54 pounds. Being transverse, Timmy acted like a little baby lap band keeping my caloric consumption to a minimum. Who would have thought that having a baby would inhibit appetite.  Thankfully, I had enough extra padding to carry me through the pregnancy!

While I will certainly accept the weight loss, it is not something that I am exceptionally proud of achieving. I somehow feel as if I didn't earn the right to brag about my shrinking bum. I wasn't able to exercise, and I wasn't restricting food on purpose. I was simply too sick to eat. Losing weight through diet and exercise would have been considerably easier than the pregnancy ordeal I survived. Putting the reasons behind me, I am embracing the positive in the situation. Regardless of the method, the weight is gone and I am again happy with my appearance.

Unfortunately I am dealing with an extremely limited wardrobe at the moment. My summer clothes from last year are too big, draping over me in unflattering billows of fabric. I am hesitant to invest money in new clothes because it seems that everything I put on becomes covered with baby vomit in record time. Timmy has many attributes, from his bright blue eyes to his curious personality,  but his ability to digest and keep his food down is not one of them! Yesterday I went through three shirts and four spit cloths before lunchtime. 

I feel helpless watching Timmy struggle with reflux, but I also have to admit that I am growing weary of being covered with vomit. Everything in this house constantly smells like rotting baby formula, including me. I am going to continue to wear my old baggy clothes until the spit-up situation is a thing of the past. When that happens, I will embrace the shopping trip as a reason to celebrate both the weight loss and the ending of the vomit assault.

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