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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cleaning Day

Another snow day. Ugh! I know that Robby and Scott are delighted with their impromptu vacation gifted by Mother Nature, but I am beginning to feel overwhelmed. I had to reschedule meetings and appointments to stay home with Robby last week, and I really need a few days to get caught up. I'm not able to do much when the weather ties me to the house! I'm trying to release my weather frustrations because I know that this is a situation over which I have no control. I've come to the conclusion that I despise not being in control.

I woke up early (3 AM) to tackle the reports that need to be finished today. Trying to concentrate on a snow day is impossible so I've learned that if I need to think I need to do it before everybody wakes up. With my thought intensive work complete, I am going to relax knowing that I don't have any pressing projects that need attention. My appointments will all have to be rescheduled, but I suspect that most people with kids will be juggling to readjust their schedules today. 

Instead of fretting over what I'm not doing, today I am going to concentrate on something I can control. The downstairs is a mess and is overrun with dirt and clutter.  Since we have ice and not snow, Robby won't be outside playing. Therefore, I think that the perfect storm has been created for an all hands on deck cleaning project.  I fully anticipate complaining from both boys but I am undeterred in the mission.

Lately I feel as if things have been spinning out of control. Overwhelmed with work and personal issues, sometimes I feel like I'm living from crisis to crisis. I need to take steps to reel in the chaos and to recenter myself.  I always feel less stressed and more in control after we clean and purge the clutter in my house. Since I tend to avoid the downstairs of my house because of the overwhelming mess, I figure that this is probably the perfect place to start regaining control.  Thankfully I have extra helpful (if not so eager) hands to help today, courtesy of the snow day.

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