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Thursday, January 29, 2015


Yesterday was everybody's first day back to school after an extended break, and I was hoping to enjoy the quiet. Of course Timmy had other ideas and was persnickety all day. Perhaps he missed his big brother? I felt like pulling my hair out by the time Scott came home from work.

Standing at the top of the stairs with a screaming baby on my hip, I was ready to hand off Timmy as soon as he reached the landing. Looking at Scott's face I suspected that something was wrong. Then I noticed the blood on his sweater and knew that he had endured a very bad day.

As it turns out, he needed to break up a student fight. He explained that in his 21 years of teaching he has broken up countless hallway tussles. This was, without a doubt, the worst fight he had ever witnessed. After all, you know it was a violent interaction when both participants departed the school in ambulances.

As Scott began to share the story, it was revealed that the fight was between two girls. At this point Robby chimed in, declaring that his Daddy had seen a "cat fight." I was surprised that he was familiar with that term, but I digress. I guess I'll deal with his bluntness at another time. 

After seeing the fight unfold, Scott and another teacher attempted to to break it up. Apparently these girls are either adept at fighting, were incredibly angry or perhaps both. They were determined to inflict pain and, unfortunately, they succeeded. Scott fully admits that he was pulled around like a rag doll as he desperately tried to restrain one of the girls.

He has some bruises, but his thumb seems to be causing him the most discomfort. It is swollen and oddly shaped, which is a cause for concern. He is going to get it checked out today and I'm hoping that it isn't broken or dislocated.

The new sweater that I bought him for Christmas is now in the trash, splattered with the blood of these angry girls. I'm worried about his thumb but thankful that he wasn't more severely injured. I find myself angry that somebody hurt him, and scared when I think about my boys entering that environment.

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