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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Squeaky Wheel

I hate this weather. I am not lamenting the cold, although as I am getting older I'm starting to understand the descriptor "bone chilling." Snow doesn't really bother me, especially when the plow is hooked up and working properly. Today it is cold and icy, a combination I have come to despise.

Little will force me to retreat inside more quickly than ice. I feel vulnerable trying to navigate sidewalks, driveways and parking lots when it is slick. By the time I feel my prosthetic slipping, it is too late, and I am doomed for a not-so-graceful fall.  I have developed a respect for ice and will not underestimate the dangers. 

I love Robby's school, but their sidewalk and parking lot maintenance during the winter leaves much to be desired. More often than not, the walkway is left unshoveled after a snow. Although I hate schlepping through the snow to drop him off at school, I prefer it to ice. At least with snow I can establish some traction.

Typically they only throw a little salt on the walkway near the door when it is icy. The parking lot and side walks are left untreated. Parents and students are forced to traverse the ice rink parking lot to get to the salted "safe zone." There have been times that Robby benefited from a Momom declared school delay simply because I wanted to wait until their sidewalk melted a little bit.  Especially since I'm carrying Timmy, I am fearful of slipping on the ice when dropping off Robby. 

I'm not sure why the school grounds are not maintained. I don't believe it is deliberate, but is probably an oversight. The staff parks their cars in a different parking lot, so I doubt that they even realize how treacherous their grounds are when it is snowy and icy. Regardless of the reasons, the fact remains that I have a difficult time getting Robby to school because of the oversight. 

Perhaps it is time for me to bring the issue to light. I don't want to appear to be high maintenance, but I'm worried that somebody (probably me) will become hurt. I'm sure I can figure out a polite way to bring attention to the issue; I just hate always being the squeaky wheel.


  1. This is EXACTLY the reason we retired from Massachusetts to New Mexico. We were in the snow belt in MA (they got 21' yesterday!) and really felt trapped in my house from November to March. Too much ice, hated it. Now just a few triple digit heat days to deal with and it is smooth sailing!

  2. Have you tried Yaktrax ?