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Friday, January 30, 2015

Where's My Leg?

My little Timmy went to the pediatrician yesterday for his check-up, and much to his chagrin, his shots. He is now a whopping 20 pounds, skyrocketing him up to the 35th percentile. Considering that when he was born he was -1, I am delighted with my little overachiever.

The pediatrician also confirmed my suspicions: Hamlet is teething. He has one adorable little tooth just peeking through his bottom gum. You can't really see it yet, but I definitely know it is there when he is gnawing on my fingers.  It's little, but it is sharp! His teething activity is probably the reason for his most recent bout of insomnia.  This child has simply stopped sleeping at night.

Sitting up in the wee hours of the morning, quietly rocking my little guy, I try to remind myself that these moments won't last forever. While I cherish our snuggle time, I don't think I'll miss the 2-5 AM play hours. I have sadly discovered that I'm simply too old to be pulling so many all-nighters. 

After being up and busy for nearly 20 hours, I practically collapsed into bed last night. Upon hearing my 2 AM alarm clock (in the form of a shrieking baby) I blindly reached to put on my leg. I was still in the confused, wake up from a dead sleep state, but I quickly became frantic that I couldn't find my leg. It took me several panicked moments, with Timmy's crying becoming louder as if to add dramatic effect, for me to realize that I had somehow rolled sideways when I was sleeping. 

I managed to find my leg, but only after I had to wake up Scott for help.  I venture to say that he is the only one at work who can honestly say that his wife woke him up because she thought she lost her leg. Since Little Timmy doesn't seem to be understanding about my need for sleep, I've decided to become proactive.  This afternoon I am packing him up, driving to my Mom's, and going to bed!

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