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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I woke up yesterday morning fully anticipating a return to normalcy. Seeing Robby stagger out of his bedroom and plop onto the couch, I knew that he was going to be staying home from school.  My little Koopa was sick, only this time he complained of his head hurting instead of his ears.

I called the pediatrician and scheduled an appointment for later that morning. Robby sat quietly on the couch, filling the time with an endless stream of Spongebob while we waited to go tot he doctor. He didn't have a fever, so I was perplexed about what was dragging down my little guy. I was glad that he was squeezed into the schedule so quickly because I didn't want whatever was brewing to get out of hand.

The doctor's exam yielded few answers. He didn't have a fever, his ears were clear, and his glands were not swollen. Although he wasn't terribly congested he did have the sniffles, so a diagnosis of a cold virus was bestowed. He was also deemed dehydrated, which was the probable source for his headache. We left the office with orders to drink, take Tylenol for the pain and to rest. I have to admit that I felt like a maternal failure when he was diagnosed with dehydration!

Robby assumed his position on the couch while I prepared a large glass of ice water for him to sip. As Scooby Doo played in the background, I watched my little guy completely disintegrate throughout the afternoon. He quickly went from complaining of a headache to experiencing full body aches and fatigue. He said that he felt "like an old man without a cane trying to cross the street." By mid-afternoon he had begun to spike a fever, prompting another call to the pediatrician.

Flu. I really did not want to hear that diagnosis! I know that he will be better in a few days, but the constant news stories touting the nightmares of the virus have terrified me. I spent the night by his bed, waking up at his slightest movement.  Today will again be spent on the couch. Hopefully the steady stream of Tylenol, Ibuprofen and Tamiflu will provide comfort.  I feel so helpless when he is sick.

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