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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Settling In

While it is wonderful to see my Dad settled back in his home, the transition has come at a cost.  The household is tense, which is understandable considering the situation. Everybody is worried, tired and anxious about the path ahead. I feel as if I have to step on egg shells which, let's face it, has never been my strength. Regardless, I am trying to be as accommodating as possible in order to diminish as much of the tension as possible.  Reminding myself that my priority is my Dad has helped me temper my reactions. At this juncture, my only goal is my Dad's comfort. 

My Dad is set up in the living room, close to big windows and his television (typical man with that request). He has enjoyed the activity of the house and talking with friends who have come to visit. Witnessing these exchanges, I am reminded that sometimes less is indeed more. My Dad fatigues quickly and, although his friends are eager to spend as much time as possible, the longer visits render him exhausted. I can't help but think that shorter visits would be advantageous. Of course, even when his health is failing, my Dad is too polite to dismiss his visitors. 

Although the transition to home hospice has been straining, I know that it is best.  He is home in his familiar environment and surrounded by his favorite things. His puppy was ecstatic to be reunited and often comes to the side of the bed for a rub down.  In a few days what is now new and full of tension will morph into a comfortable routine.  At least, that is what I am hoping. 

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