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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Transition to Hospice

If all goes according to plan tomorrow, my Dad will be leaving the hospital. I know that he is anxious about transitioning to home hospice care, and I can't say that I blame him. I try to put myself in his situation in an attempt to channel his feelings and emotions. I immediately feel overwhelmed as I absorb the situation from his perspective. While I think that I would be eager to be in a familiar environment, I am sure that I would be terrified by the unknown. Hopefully the hospice nurses and being reunited with his puppy, Solo, will help soothe some of his emotions and fears.

I'm going to be staying here for a few more days to help get him settled. My stepmother runs a restaurant and is working there much of the evening and night. Even though he'll be sleeping, I will feel more comfortable knowing that he isn't alone. The thought of something happening in the wee hours of the morning and his being alone and unable to get help, is unacceptable. I am so thankful that I am in a situation where I can stay with him with minimal worries. (I'm a Mom so I never completely stop worrying even though I know that the boys are being well taken care of and spoiled rotten.)

I fully anticipate today being stressful, full of emotions and chaotic as we maneuver through this transition. I hope that all of the stress stays hidden from my Dad because frustrating him will have no benefit. Wish us luck as we embark on the next step of this unwelcome journey.

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