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Monday, June 01, 2015

Birthday Wrap-Up

The weekend flew by and I have to say, I don't think I am ready for it to be over. Between rescheduled meetings, two big reports that are due, Scott's internship luncheon on Tuesday and Robby's school performance on Friday, my days are packed full.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I know that my days are going to remain hectic until the school year is over.  (Of course, when everybody is home for vacation a whole new batch of issues tends to arise, but I'll remain optimistic and hope that this year will be different.)

Robby had his school birthday party on Friday, which was a rousing success.  After the party I took him and his friend to Chuck E. Cheese for an afternoon of game playing fun.  Scott was able to sneak out of work a few hours early so that he could retrieve Timmy and take him home.  Although he enjoyed being with the big kids and watching all of the lights and action around him, I knew he really needed to be home. I think Robby thoroughly enjoyed the Timmy-free afternoon. He was even permitted to go into the Ticket Blaster, something that he repeatedly claimed to be "waiting his whole life" to try.

Saturday was Robby's birthday and we tried to fill the hours with as much doting as possible.  My Mom came down to help us celebrate and ended up babysitting Timmy so that we could all go to the pool.  After we were done swimming we went to a steakhouse for dinner, which was Robby's request. (His decision was based solely on his desire to sit on the "birthday saddle" and have all of the people in the restaurant scream a collective "yee haw" in honor of his birthday.)

Yesterday the temperatures were creeping into the 90's again, prompting us to return to the pool. This was Timmy's first swimming experience, and neither Scott nor I knew quite what to expect. It turns out that our worrying was for naught because he is a little water bug. He wasn't as nervous as I anticipated, but I'm sure that having his big brother splashing and playing around him was motivation to get into the water. We spent about 2 hours floating and playing in both the regular and baby pool.  After that time he was exhausted and ready to go home.  (This summer I think we Scott and I will end up driving separately to the pool so that somebody can take Timmy home when he gets tired.)

I loved being back in the pool, but I did find myself frustrated without a properly fitting swim leg. I have had to keep rescheduling the fitting for my swim leg because Timmy kept getting sick. I am going to make a concerted effort to get fitted this week, because trying to squeeze into an old leg was not fun. I was fine as long as my leg was completely submerged, but walking into and out of the pool was painful. Hopefully Elliot will be able to work some magic and I'll have a new swim leg before the next heat wave hits!

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