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Friday, July 01, 2016

Boot Camp Day 1

Several weeks ago I was struggling with self-loathing. It was right before Conference, and I was feeling fat, ugly and weak. Instead of beating myself up, I decided to do something about it. Well, I didn't exactly do something as much as I planned for doing something. I went onto Groupon and bought a voucher for six weeks of unlimited boot camp sessions. After my purchase I felt victorious, as if I had made an important first step. I celebrated my decision with a cupcake. 

I managed to avoid redeeming the Groupon, citing end of the school year chaos and travel issues. I kept telling myself that July would be the perfect time to embark on my boot camp adventure. It is amazing how empowered I felt without actually working out! Simply knowing that I would begin, on an arbitrary date in the future change my life, made me feel strong and together.

Looking at the calendar earlier this week, I realized that July starts today. Yikes! All of a sudden the anxiety of my commitment enveloped me. Not one to walk away from a bargain, I redeemed the Groupon yesterday. 

I tried to contain my composure as I prepared for my first boot camp class, but to be honest I was terrified. I haven't taken a proper exercise class in years, and the promise of sweat and work had me feeling overwhelmed. But I was also oddly excited to change my body and to become stronger.

There is no doubt about it, the class was difficult. I worked harder and sweated more than I ever have in the past. I was proud of myself for keeping up with my experienced, and able-bodied classmates. My moves weren't as smooth, my squats weren't as deep and my running wasn't as fast as my classmates, but I was there and I was definitely sweating. 

Everything was okay until minute 28 of our 30 minute class. I was skipping and felt discomfort in my leg. I tried to walk and instantly knew that I had a problem. I removed my prosthesis and discovered the culprit.

I completely wore through my liner! Without the cushioning provided, I was not able to continue walking let alone finish my work out. I was forced to abandon camp at minute 28 due to a prosthetic issue.

Sometimes being an amputee, dependent upon equipment working correctly in order to be mobile, simply stinks! I was frustrated that I had to quit class so close to the end. Truth be told, I was furious with my limb loss as I drove home. I felt discouraged by my equipment failure.

It took a new liner and a few hours before I felt better about the situation. I have never worked through a liner before, so yesterday was a milestone event for me. Assuming that I can coax my extraordinarily sore legs and bum to move me upright off the couch, I am going to tackle boot camp again. Wish me luck in my quest to reach minute 30!

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  1. I know the feeling on this! I'm also a BKA on the right leg and those liners in particular I always had an issue with breaking down at the umbrella. I recently had my leg re-amputated due to invagination at the end of my stump and am looking forward to getting back on my feet as well and hoping to shed some pounds. Good luck to you!