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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Cow Day!

Our family loves a freebie.  Yesterday was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick Fil-A, a fun event that has become not only a family tradition but also a mission of gluttony. Whereas many families might put on a few spots to claim some free nuggets at their local restaurant for a special lunch treat, ours keeps cow costumes at the ready and carefully plans our route to be sure we visit every participating establishment within a 25 mile radius. 

We added Cow Appreciation Day to our summer traditions a few years ago, and during that time we have honed our skills.  I bought family cow costumes through the WISH app a few years ago. With each costume coming in at a mere $7, the investment has paid off in fold. (Timmy wore a homemade outfit because they didn't have costumes in his size.  Next year he will be completely match the herd.) 

In 95 degree weather we donned our heavy cow costumes, put a cooler in the back of the SUV and began our quest for free chicken. I loved seeing all of the smiles from onlookers as they noticed a car full of cows driving past them in the middle of July. After nearly two hours we had our cooler stocked with chicken and we had visited each of the five restaurants in our area. 

At least I know that the boys will eat while I'm in Tucson!

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