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Monday, July 09, 2018

Yard Work (Stinks)

With a break in the oppressive weather, we were able to mix up our summer routine a bit. The temperatures were warm but pleasant, and Saturday was the perfect day to play outside.  After debating our options, I settled on going to the farm. Timmy thoroughly enjoyed playing on the structures and riding the Cow Train, which he hopped onto at every opportunity. Robby decided to go Geocaching with his friend. Although I missed having him with us, I suspect he had more fun on his own adventure.

Yesterday I knew that we needed to take advantage of the favorable temperatures by tackling our yard. In full disclosure, I abhor yard work. If I could afford to hire a landscaper to keep our yard presentable, I would do it in a heartbeat.  Alas, a landscaper is out of budget so we are forced to tackle the jobs ourselves.  

Some people love pruning, weeding and perfecting their outdoor oasis. I don't relate to those people. While they are busy fertilizing the grass and artfully planting flowers, I'm struggling to simply keep our yard presentable.  Even with those low standards, we are barely achieving our goal. 

Scott took aim with the weed wacker while I stomped down rogue thorn bushes. Even though it is not my favorite task, I am the natural choice for this job. I step into the bushes with my prosthetic and trample down the thorny little invaders without feeling a scratch.   I am amazed with how quickly the thorn vines spread and swallow up everything in their path. Thankfully the vines don't stand a chance against my stomping abilities, and I am happy to report that our yard is again clear of the prickly little intruders. 

While I was busy stomping and Scott was weed whacking, Robby busied himself by blowing the leaves off our deck and off the trampoline. Timmy pushed his bubble mower around the yard, making sure to cover as much square footage as possible. After a few hours we were done with our dreaded yard work morning, allowing us to spend the rest of the day playing at the pool.  

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