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Thursday, November 08, 2018

Rumble at the Playground

Every Wednesday we drive Robby to class and Timmy and I play at the local park until he is finished. Going to the park has quickly become a highlight of his week. Playing with a buddy reigns supreme, so when no kids are present I am happy to fill the role. Yesterday the park was busy so I sat on a bench and watched from the sidelines. 

Part of playing with other kids is to not only have fun but also to learn how to navigate relationships.  Yesterday Timmy wasn't feeling fantastic, so he opted to quietly build a mulch castle on the perimeter of the play area. He worked for nearly 30 minutes building his masterpiece, complete with stick flags and a sand moat. He was proud of his creation, fetching me several times throughout the construction process to admire his work.  

While he was working on adding some height another little boy came over to him. I heard the interaction, but I decided to not intervene. The little boy said that he was going to smash the tower. Timmy immediately said no. The boy, with complete disregard to Timmy's wishes, proceeded to stomp all over the castle.

I saw Timmy's face morph from joy to devastation in record time. As the little boy kicked the remnants of the castle around the playground, Timmy became irate.  He grabbed a handful of mulch and threw it onto the boy.

With a flash, the other mom swooped in and swatted Timmy on the bottom. I lept from my perch and picked up Timmy, comforting him from both his castle destruction and being hit by a stranger. I looked at the woman and snapped, "Don't ever touch my kid."

She looked indignant and replied, "Your son threw mulch all over him. When I see somebody throw mulch on my child, my first reaction is to swat." 

I didn't address the fact that her little angel needlessly and gleefully stomped Timmy's castle. Instead, I took a step towards her, overwhelming her personal space. I put Timmy down and looked directly into her eyes. I was livid. 

"When I see an adult hit my child, my reaction is a lot stronger than a swat. Keep your hands off my kid, or you will get hurt."  I glared into her eyes as she quietly took her son's hand and backed away.

In full disclosure, I have never been in a physical fight. I am not a violent person, and I always lean towards communication instead of violence. But this lady hit my child, and with that, all rules are out the window.  

I'm fairly certain I would break my hands, wrists and probably a multitude of other bones if I had actually tried to hit her. I was rolling the dice that this lady could be intimidated.  Thankfully I was right.  

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