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Monday, November 05, 2018

Cleaning to Escape

I spent the weekend cleaning the house and purging the kids' rooms. After working nonstop on all day Saturday and on Sunday morning I decided to stop for the time being. When everything was done, I ended up with nine black contractor trash bags filled to the top with items for donation. My house looks less cluttered, and my heart is happy knowing that some other kiddos will be able to enjoy the outgrown toys and clothes.  

I always become melancholy when I'm purging the kids' rooms. Sorting through the clothes, determining if it still fits or if it has been outgrown, is a concrete reminder of how both kiddos have grown. It is particularly hard with Timmy because he is my baby. Even though the task always makes me sad when I'm doing it, I am always happy when the rooms are clean and the items are donated. 

My motivation for cleaning wasn't limited to wanting to declutter the house. I was also eager for a distraction from the constant stream of bad news and vile political ads on television. I cranked up the Christmas music, sang loudly and actually had a great time sorting and cleaning. Being unplugged from the last-minute push of political commercials was enough payment for my efforts!

I am looking forward to waking up on Wednesday morning when the commercials will magically switch from hate-filled rhetoric to those advertising cookies, treats, toys and other accouterments required for the idyllic holiday. This election season has been both long and vile. 

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