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I am a below knee amputee. More importantly, I am also Mommy to two boys, a very active 10 year old (Robby) and an mischievous toddler (Timmy). I have learned that being a parent with a disability can create some unusual and sometimes humorous situations. This blogger is available for hire! Let's talk and learn how a blog can expand your business.

Wednesday, September 04, 2019


Yesterday was back to school, and back to reality. This is our first week with the extracurricular activities and, while it is a shortened week, it's going to be busy. I love that Robby has so many unique interests, but trying to manage his schedule takes a lot of careful planning.  In a few weeks we will ease into the new routines, but until I get the timing down it will be stressful.  Thankfully Timmy is a great little traveler who is happy to play just about anywhere. 

In between driving Robby to guitar and the gym, Timmy and I are going to try to tour another Pre-K program. Because of his autoimmune issues, it is imperative that we find a setting where he will not only thrive academically and socially, but where he will be medically safe. I know we will find the perfect place for him and I will feel considerably less anxious when we do.  

Because of Back-to-School Night, Scott won't be home until nearly 9. It will be an extremely long day for him, and I know that he will be dragging for the next few days as a result. I remember dreading Back-to-School week when I was a teacher, so I try to keep family demands to a minimum for him. It's a long day for Scott, but it will also be a long day for me.

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